HiHi – The Story So Far

HiHi was born out of 20 years’ experience within the telecoms industry. Having looked at the industry, we noticed the mobile phones had progressed rapidly and now offered a range of applications which improved the way we communicate. The office phone lagged behind. We were stuck with boring technology and limited functionality. HiHi exists to reverse this trend.

Here’s what we believe:

– The best relationships are built face-to-face

– Business communication should be effortless

– Applications should be easy-to-use

It’s with these core beliefs in mind that we set about creating HiHi.

The first HiHi was launched in 2017 and quickly became one of the fastest selling business handsets of all time. After the success of the initial launch we also released our two mobile apps; HiHi Connect and HiHi There. HiHi Connect allows our customers to use their mobiles as an extension of the HiHi system, whilst HiHi There allows suppliers and customers to enjoy video calls to HiHi users.

Where are we heading?

We’re determined to retain our position at the forefront of technology, with future versions of HiHi already in development. We’re looking to make our devices faster and easier to use as well as incorporating the feedback we receive from our customers.

We’re also looking to refine our mobile apps to ensure they’re compatible with all future iOS and Android software packages.

We’re building systems that improve our customer’s experience of using the HiHi. In the short term we’re making it possible for our customers to make a number of changes to their phones, without needing our support. We’re also increasing the amount of customisation they can do on their HiHi and continuing to roll out our mobile applications to our customers.

What Will You Be Doing?

With a number of different teams within HiHi, what you’ll be doing day-to-day will depend upon the team you join.  Here’s a brief look at what each of the teams are working on:


Working with our cloud-based CRM system

Investigating how AI can help improve our business

Using Machine Learning to ensure the right information is given to the right person at the right time

Designing software for a cloud environment


Integrating deeply with AOSP, making modifications directly on the Android codebase

Using the latest Android SDK

Writing our own integrated suite of apps built into the OS

Building and deploying to our own hardware

.Net Services

Working with the latest Azure technologies

Scripting infrastructure as code

Working with a microservice architecture

Using .NET Core

UC Engineer

Developing and supporting of Hosted Unified Communications (Voice and Video)

Maintaining infrastructure within Microsoft Azure and data centres

Providing data visualisation using Elastic Search / Kibana

Working with Virtualisation

Working DevOps and Orchestration tools

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