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  2. You receive live notifications with direct clickable links to your messages, directly from your home page

  3. We have developed an innovative voicemail app available on your HiHi. The app displays who has called and when so you can decide which messages… Read more »

  4. Our voicemail service includes the ability to automatically forward Voicemails left on your desk phone to your e-mail address. This means you can then listen… Read more »

  5. When someone calls your mobile, their information appears on your screen. Thanks to CTI, you can now have this service with your office phone calls.… Read more »

  6. You’ve no doubt had the inconvenience of trying to call a colleague, only to discover after a few rings of the phone that they aren’t… Read more »

  7. The CTI set up is taken care of in the second stage of the installation and will include our engineers showing you how to use… Read more »

  8. If you’d sooner offer your callers a more personal approach, then rather than having them leave a voicemail you can automatically forward calls to another… Read more »

  9. You can make a video call  by simply pressing the ‘Video’ icon located in the left hand options whilst on a call.

  10. The night mode feature activates automatically.  After 6:30pm, if you’re phone is idle it will enter night mode, meaning the screen will be turned off.… Read more »

  11. Less than you’d think. You only pay for extra services if you need them.

  12. Instantly. Support is built-in to the phone, or you can quickly troubleshoot on the website. Ongoing support from our experts is also available 52 weeks… Read more »

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