To check to see if your phone is connected slide down the menu drawer in the top left of the screen. Within this drawer you will see the status of your phone and if you are connected or not.

If you’re not connected you’ll be notified with a network error pop out window. The pop-out window will show details about why you may not be connected or where the issue may be occurring. By pressing okay you will minimize the pop-out window but will be left with a network error notification in the top right corner of the home screen. Pressing this notification will reopen the pop out information window.

If you are not connected start by checking the cables in the back of your phone; if you have a loose or disconnected cable plug it back in securely.

If the cables are all in order you can reboot your phone by sliding down the drawer in the top right of the screen and pressing reboot followed by ok.

If you’re still not connected you’ll need to call one of our engineers.

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