This video will show you how to use the Jabra headset with the HiHi phone. Once you’ve got it out the box you just need to plug it into the mains and then it’s just as simple as putting the USB into the back.

Once you’ve connected the headset it will take a few minutes to initialize with the phone. When it’s fully connected the green battery light will show on the headset dock.

When you receive an incoming call you can answer it by either lifting the headset off the dock or if the headsets already lifted you just need to use the button on the side to answer the call.

Once you’re on the call you can switch between the speaker and the headset using the button on screen, or if you’d like to use the handset you just need to lift it off the hook that way you can switch between all three different audio types.

To make a call using the headset simply lift it off the dock the phone will automatically register that you’re using the headset. Once you’re on the call again you’ll be able to switch between audio options.

If the connection between the headset and the phone has ever lost the headset icon on the front of the dock will flash blue. To resync the two back together simply restart the headset. Once it’s reconnected again you’ll see the green light on the front.

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