To set a new no answer voicemail greeting start by opening the voicemail app then press call voicemail. You’ll hear a message that says, “welcome to your voicemail system please enter your passcode then press hash. If you are not calling from your own phone please press star”. Select the keypad and enter your four-digit passcode without forgetting to add the hash key after your passcode. You will hear several options; you need to access your voicemail box to change your greeting.

To access your voicemail box choose option 1, you will then hear an update on how many voice messages you have you have. To change your mailbox no answer greeting please press 3. To record a new “No Answer” greeting, please press 1.

Please start recording after the tone and to end the recording press hash.

If you have successfully recorded a new message, you should hear, “thank you your greeting has been recorded ” If you’d like to re-listen to your message press 2.

Once you’re happy with your message simply end the call.

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